Power of Attorney

(for an international filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty)

(PCT Rule 90.4)

The undersigned applicant(s) (Name should be indicated as they appear in the request):
hereby appoints (appoint) the following person as          
agent common representative
Name and address
Premier Registration Service
8/1 Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060 (INDIA)
To represent the undersigned before 
all the competent International Authorities
the International searching Authority only
the International preliminary examining Authority only
Title of the invention:
Applicantís or agentís file reference:
International application number (if already available)
filed with the following Office
___________________________________ as receiving Office
and to make or receive payments on behalf of the undersigned.

Signature of the applicant(s)

( where there are  several  applicants, each of   them must   sign;  next  to each signature,   indicate the name of  the person signing and the capacity in  which the person sign if such capacity is not obvious from reading the request or this power)

Date : _____________________

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